I build modern websites which generate traffic and convert visitors into customers and leads.

I’m an award winning multi-disciplinary creative who prefers to allow my work to speak for itself. I’ve been trusted to create branding and imagery featured in International advertising campaigns for household name brands commissioned by the world’s leading advertising agencies.

Work for clients as diverse as Coca Cola, Heineken, Kelloggs and Jameson has appeared on billboards from Hong Kong to Time Square and while I am typically dismissive of awards I do value awards from my peers. which include an ICAD Craft Bell for my work for Sky Sports and a DESI from the prestigious Art Directors Club of New York.

Simultaneously I have worked with both Apple and Adobe as a technology evangelist, beta tester and trouble shooter which puts me in the unusual position of being a very technical creative. I consider myself fortunate to do what I love and I’m passionate about Web 3.0, Blockchain, Online Privacy and a new Decentralised Internet.

Currently I build and support brands and websites combining customer-focused design excellence with unrivalled platform knowledge and technical expertise to create beautiful sites, buying experiences and streamlined operational processes.

If you feel my particular set of skills could be of use to you I will be happy to hear from you.

Kind Words from Creative Directors.

“ Mark has the ability to take a primitive scribble or concept, understand its potential and through intuition, immaculate taste and skill, transform an art director's vision into an exquisite reality.
It is nothing short of sorcerery “

Paul Barass Chief Creative Officer - Face to Face - Dubai

“ Two words spring to mind when Mark's name is mentioned... added value. When Mark is briefed his silence speaks volumes and you can see he’s trying to think of ways of how to make the job look and feel even better than the initial ask.
His big-brand experience means that every perspective is examined before he commits to the task at hand. On Guinness we wanted to bring the surge within the glass to life like never before.
There was only one guy for that job. ”

Pat Hamill Creative Partner. Goosebump Advertising.

“ Some of my favourite pieces of work over many years were done with Mark. I particularly remember his work on the ‘Pubs’ poster I did for Sky Sports as I couldn’t believe the level of detail Mark used in the images. Engaging Mark is the creative equivalent of deploying a Special Ops team - humble, quietly confident and very capable. “

Shay Madden Creative Director. Rothco Accenture Interactive.

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

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