Creme Creps

Client: Cremé Creps
Date: February 12, 2019
Services: Branding, Website Design

01.  Process

The very talented teenage entrepreneur Chloe of Cremé Creps had very clear ideas and sense of the identity she wished to create and goals to achieve which made working with her a pleasure.

Cremé Creps however presented unique challenges which necessitated custom coded product templates as some of Cremé Creps products are available thousands of possible variations. Cremé Creps also required a custom payment facility whereby customers commissioning custom shoes could enter an agreed amount and check out through the regular store channel.


Develop brand style and logo.

Custom Elements

Custom coded elements.

User Experience

Ease of use across devices.

02. Branding

Chloe has an instinctive sense of branding which reflected in her brief for the logo for Cremé Creps. It had a street fashion and graffiti vibe while still being strong and legible in single colours and used at small sizes. Adding a princess crown seemed appropriate and Chloe was very happy from the first draft.

02. Desktop Experience

While most of Cremé Creps traffic would invariably arrive on the site via mobile phones it was determined that customers would follow up on larger screen mobile devices and desktop computers which has proven to be the case. While adopting a mobile first design philosophy for the site it was important that the larger formats were equally clear and easily navigated.

03. Mobile Solutions

Previous experience with Cremé Creps target demographic had taught me that potentially 92% of their traffic would be on mobile phones and a large percentage of them would be smaller sized screens. As such it was an imperative that Cremé Creps was not only compatible with mobile devices but in fact was optimised for mobile devices with a focus on the user experience.

04. Other Features

This project required a number of custom coded solutions due to the nature of the products and the variety of options as well as a bespoke one off payment option.

Millions of Options

When you consider that a typical fashion e-commerce store might have five sizes of three or four styles for a combined amount of twenty possible variations it’s no surprise that out of the box e-commerce platforms top out at a more than adequate one hundred possible variations per product. Cremé Creps however features products which are available in fourteen different sizes with fourteen possible colours for a total of one hundred and eighty eight possible combinations.


This becomes millions of possible options when the customer can choose two initials to personalise their order which in theory is impossible and unachievable. To solve this problem we create products on the fly which a custom solution. As the shopper selects size and colour elements the site creates the product and adds it to the basket along with initials of choice. From this point the order is treated exactly like a simple product but with a custom field of the chosen initials.

Custom Payment

Chloe had a requirement for a custom payment facility on her site so that she could collect all her payments through one secure portal rather than sending payment requests via PayPal or emailing bank details. The solution allows custom payments to be made which will process through the store flagged as custom payments but included in the regular site transaction. This is very convenient for both the client and Cremé Creps as the client is making their payment through the website rather that sending funds outside of the site and from administration is much easier with all transactions handled through the same payment gateway.

05. Info

Cremé Creps continues to develop and Chloe continues to grow her reputation Worldwide with commissions from locations as diverse as  Osaka, Los Angeles and Zurich due to her talent and dedication. The new version of her website will be launching shortly.

Client: Cremé Creps
Date: February 12, 2019
Services: Branding, Website Design
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